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Your oracle 4.0: the digital DNA™

At World Tech, we want you to succeed and access all the tools you need to thrive the technology world.

Knowing your digital DNA™ is the first step to take advantage of all the opportunities that this growing market is offering. We want you to reach your full potential, preparing for the present and future, and helping you understand the scope of your skills. The digital DNA™ evolves as you evolve. Start now.

Personalized learning at your reach

The digital DNA™ is a system that leverages software technology, data science and artificial intelligence. It is your professional genome or digital print, enabling you to identify:



Understand where you are and what you can do with your skills. Get ready to do progress.


learning routes

Access personalized learning routes based on your skills level.



Anticipate market trends and stay up to date with the latest technology skills.

The benefits of our technology

We support institutions and individuals in their learning and employment goals.


Institutional profile

Understand your organization’s profile based on our Fourth Revolution skills assessment.

Access talent analytics

Access information on market trends to adjust your educational portfolio based on your strengths.

Upgrade your portfolio

Upgrade your products with short courses, micro-learning techniques or more robust bootcamps to guarantee 100% job placement rates.


Student profile

Receive a personalized analysis of your strengths and weaknesses compared to the needs of the market.

Access to courses

Access short and practical courses, mentors, jobs, peers, bootcamps and more.

Win prizes from brands

Receive rewards from your favorite brands.

“70% of the most competitive jobs in 2030 will be technology-based.Dell, 2020