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A powerful tool for talent analytics & development.

The Future of Work is changing and so is education. We use data science, mathematics and predictive analysis to help you thrive & win.

Your digital DNA = your professional genome: skills + talent + mindset

Measure progress. Understand trends. Empower with skills.

An oracle for the skills market?

Harness your own potential with the power of data and unveil your possibilities in the ever changing world of tech.

Real-Time Reporting

Keep track of your progress acquiring new skills to thrive in current market trends.

Skills Forecasting

Anticipate potential skills trends based on our statistical modeling tools.

TSkills Assessment

Identify which skills you want to improve at or are interested in acquiring.

Upskilling & Reskilling

Acquire new skills to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Optimal Learning Routes

Receive personalized learning routes based on your digital DNA™ and goals.

Adaptive Data System

Learning is a never-ending pursuit. Our platform adapts and evolves with you.

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