Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to know programming to join the bootcamp?

No! we offer beginner-focused programs and make sure you get ready for our bootcamps with our PREPWORK.

2. Are there advanced training programs for more experienced developers?

Yes. We also offer advanced-focused bootcamps for more experienced developers. We also make custom-made bootcamps for private and academic organisations.

3. What is the difference between bootcamps on-site and online bootcamps?

We created these options for you to choose the best one for you. The bootcamps differentiate in form but the methodologies, the contents and the teachers are the same. You get the same job placement support and we bring you closer to a global community of makers.

4. Do I get a certificate after each bootcamp is completed?

Yes! you get a certificate when assisting to 90% of the bootcamp classes AND you get to build your own digital portfolio.

5. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! we offer scholarships based in merit. We also offer financial aid options.

6. Do you guarantee me a job?

We don´t but we guarantee you job opportunities during and after the programs.

7. Why and how are you different from other coding bootcamps?

We offer you flexibility, excellence, access to a global community and the personalisation of your learning journey. Our work has been recognised by organisations like the MIT and over 200 hiring allied companies.

8. What are your principles for software development and education?

We believe education is an ongoing process, we believe you learn more by doing and we believe your digital skills are evidenced with your capacity to BUILD and CREATE. We believe in AGILE for both teaching and developing software. We believe in humans´ capacity to elevate his or her circumstances consciously despite the challenges, and we believe in the power of technology education for you and your society. We stand for learning being fun, personalised, practical and adaptive. For more information don´t forget to watch our manifesto:

9. Do you have a teaching methodology?

We do. We focus on project-based learning, agile training and cognitive flexibility. We also focus on developing emotional intelligence skills and ongoing curiosity. Ask for our learning outcomes model if you want to learn more about our methodology.

10. What happens when the bootcamp is over?

We stay connected! we give you access to our internal communication systems and we provide lifetime job placement support. We also provide ongoing training options for you to continue stay ahead and competitive in the market.

11. What is the Fellowship Program all about?

Our Fellowship Program helps our best students get jobs with American companies.

12. I work at a software development company and I am looking for talent. Can you help me find it?

Yes! Please write us at [email protected]