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Solutions for learning partners.

We help universities, high schools and impact funds support and build next generation learning models, develop new programs and reach excellent student outcomes.

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Are you interested in upgrading your educational portfolio?


Increase your revenues

The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires new education models that are more relevant, personalized and accessible for working adults who want to access upskilling and reskilling opportunities.

Our team pioneered coding bootcamps in Latin America back in 2013, training thousands of students across Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Chile, Brazil and Spain.

Our expertise designing and implementing strategies to close the digital gap and reach excellent student outcomes can be helpful for your organization.

Focus Areas For Better Results

Student Acquisition

Attract more students interested in new skills.

Course Design

Design courses that are aligned with what the market needs.

Course Delivery

Implement Fourth Industrial Revolution education programs.

Student Success

Reach 100% job employment rates helping your team succeed.


We work with universities to help them reach their strategic goals and transition to Fourth Industrial Revolution Programs.

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High Schools

Starting this year, PISA will start measuring Computational Thinking in the global tests. Upgrade your offer with our STEAM K12 solution and/or bootcamps.

STEAM K12 curriculum and bootcamps

Education Funds

We work with leading education funds interested in 100% job placement rates for job creation and social inclusion. Within months, you start seeing your return.


Are you interested in upgrading your educational portfolio?