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Stop guessing. Start measuring.

By 2030, 70% of the jobs will be new and technology-based. We help you understand and develop the skills you need to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution successfully.

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Data analytics at the service of talent

Harness the power of data

and unlock potential

We are introducing a new approach to answering the question “What should I learn and how?”

Put an end to uncertainty with the power of data analytics, real-time reporting and data forecasting.


Get digital dna™

or professional genome


Learn new skills

upskilling + reskilling


Get connected

to talent, jobs or courses

What are the jobs of the future

One platform for your needs

The future of work will continue evolving and so will the needs of employers, content creators and students. We developed a data-driven solution that enables employers to find the best talent, schools to understand market trends for curriculum development and students to be matched with personalized learning opportunities.

Data-DrivenCurriculum Design

Meet your goals: recruitment, upskilling, experience, brand.

Real-TimeTalent Analytics

Measure skills trends in the market and amongst your team or talent.

PersonalizedLearning Routes

Increase engagement with personalized training.

100% JobPlacement Rates

Reach 100% employment rates with our matching technology.

Trends Forecastingand Modeling

Understand change will be the norm. Anticipate it.

Reskillingand Upskilling

Stand out and up to date with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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